Story Review: 6 Patreon Works

It is a great honor to be given the opportunity to read and review the paid stories that Duncan Wilson offers his Patreon Members. Find his membership here:


I read Once Upon a Lane by Wilson not long ago and these six stories exemplify his writing style, brilliant plotting and imagination. Additionally, Wilson never takes a break from teaching us important life lessons in the most exquisite way. His eloquent writing style is perfect for these affecting and often emotional stories. It definitely took everything in me to keep tears from falling during a few of the stories.

Dear Me

This story is a sweet, short, funny letter to ourselves from ourselves. A scary reality where Wilson reminds us that years worth of the best advice are often, and maybe always, ignored. This story is a fun way to examine our day to day lives and to see how those things we may be neglecting are so important for us.

Yes Dear

A heartbreaking story about love, relationships and loss. Wilson does a brilliant job of moving the reader seamlessly through a life time of events and bringing them altogether to culminate in a tear jerking ending. The characters are very well done and without giving away too much, Wilson has a talent for making all the characters important, regardless of their physical proximity to the setting.

The Old Grove

The Old Grove was a simple story of two brothers reminiscing. This story really reminds me of how pivotal moments in our lives are so important to cherish. The characters here, discussing old times, show how our pasts can be a source of joy or sadness and how one persons account of the past can be different from another’s. Those moments where we discover how important or unimportant a person is to the history of our lives can be surprising.

The River

This story reminded me of a scene from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury when Guy Montag flees from those trying to capture him by traveling in a river. In Wilson’s story, the main character must brave the river for other reasons. The story starts off giving you the feeling of a rousing adventure, but Wilson aways comes with a message. Facing your fears falls neatly into the theme gallery but I believe the bigger lesson is understanding when it’s time to make a change.

The God of the Gaps

This highly experimental story is hard to explain but I enjoyed exploring themes of creation, deities and the thirst for knowledge. The characters in this story were nameless but that didn’t mean they were under developed. Even in this very short story, I felt connected to the characters. Dialogue and narration were written very well and made for easy navigation through what could have been a more challenging read. One thing I really like about Wilson’s writing is that he does not hold back from exploring topics that might be new or different for readers. His skill as an author is definitely in making stories readable and entertaining.

An Illusion of Infinity

This was definitely my favorite story of the six. Again, Wilson teaches us a lesson about the fragility of our lives but this time, we go full Fantasy with elements of magic and mayhem that illustrate his point. The main character is in for an interesting surprise as she seems very happy doing an activity she loves but the tables turn. The setting is fun and vivid. Wilson uses a fair, such a happy place, to set up our character for a tough lesson on personal identity.

Information about the author

Duncan Wilson has been writing since childhood, having fallen in love with the written word at a very early age. Having spent his formative years in various libraries, he can bore his friends on a variety of subjects. Inspired by the natural world and the splendors of the heavens, he writes primarily science fiction and paranormal stories. Other than writing, he enjoys cooking, playing games with friends, and listening to music.

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