Book Review: Book of Yeshua

Book of Yeshua is a biblical fiction with dual story lines that culminate in a thought provoking end, and action packed from start to finish.

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Title: Book of Yeshua
Author: Francis Chapman
Release: September 26, 2020
Genre: Biblical Thriller
Goodreads Link: Here

The story that they told the people about Yeshua of Nazareth was a lie. Those who know the truth must fight to expose it, and a war started in Judea two thousand years ago culminates in a final battle in the twenty-first century.

Book of Yeshua has a large cast and it took me a little work to make sure I knew every character. The most important characters were well fleshed out and I was attached to them throughout the story. The world building was good and Chapman had a big job ahead of him with the setting! This characters traveled a lot to accomplish their goals throughout and as they entered each new city, state and location, as well as the change in each passage of time, Chapman did well to keep us grounded in the setting.

The plot was well done. What would happen if a prophet of god lived on in the flesh after crucifixion? Now, turn those stakes up by giving characters less than reasonable motives to keep secrets or dominate power. Wow. The idea of a living prophet is already mind blowing but the added twists and turns of the plot really cranked up the excitement in the book.

I enjoyed Chapman’s writing stye. It wasn’t too complex and I appreciated that because keeping up with the biblical names and the two story lines took all my attention. Chapman kept things simple in his writing style which left room for all the important details. Instead of tumbling over complicated word choices, I was able to focus on enjoying the story.

I would definitely recommend this story!

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