Book Review: The Reset

The Reset by Elliot Stevens is a thought provoking tale of the vicious cycle we sometimes put ourselves in when we don’t listen to our instincts.

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Title: The Reset
Author: Elliot Stevens
Release: February 24, 2019
Genre: Crime Fiction
Goodreads Link: Here

This was a quick read but really made me think. The main character is tasting his freedom for the first time in six years and he has some choices to make. Things start lining up for him but will he manage to use his Reset for good?

I really enjoyed the main character. I found him very likable. I was rooting for him the whole way. The other characters were less developed but enough so that I knew who they were and their significance to the story. The Kindle book is listed as 9 pages so Steven’s does a great job of making sure we get what’s important and leaves the fluff out.

I would have liked a little more with the world building but the areas in the book are very common and not knowing what they looked like did not hinder the reading. They were mostly home locations and offices. The only location that I would have liked fleshed out more was the place where our main character got a job. Places like that have a certain decor style that I would have loved to read more about.

The plot was definitely a classic crime story but man… I wont give to much away, all I’ll say is, sometimes, you just gotta go with your first instinct.

Overall, I would recommend this short read. I’ve read a few books by Stevens and this definitely illustrates his style and can give you an idea of what his stories are like.


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