Book Review: A Shadow Stained in Blood

The hard boiled P.I. genre isn’t new, but Ichabod Ebenezer put a unique spin on this novel that will thrill you.

A Shadow Stained in Blood -- A Drake Glover Mystery: A Hard-Boiled Detective Novel by [Ichabod Ebenezer]
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Title: A Shadow Stained in Bood
Author: Ichabod Ebenezer
Release: October 25, 2019
Genre: Crime Fiction
Goodreads Link: Here

Drake Glover is a P.I. tracking a chef’s dubious fortune from a mysterious club party to a shanty-town mayoral rally, and he smells something rotten about the dark-horse nominee. As much as he tries, he can’t avoid trouble. when he’s bound and beaten for exposing an assassination plot, his only saving grace might be a shady lunatic with a one-letter name. Can the struggling detective upend the cabal before he ends up sleeping with the fishes?

I loved the characters. Ebenezer does a good job making all his characters as human as possible. I thought the cast was very cozy although it was a little bigger than I prefer. It was written in a way that although there are lots of characters, they are memorable and used in the appropriate situation, making My favorite character who I wished I could have seen more of was Betty. She was so lovely and helpful and I really wish I could have gotten more of her and her relationship with Drake.

Ebenezer builds a vivid world. I’ve been to Portland and parts of Washington so it was fun to see Seattle represented in this 1930’s thriller. Ebenezer goes deep into the identity of the city even explaining how the weather effected architecture during the era. Settings were very easy to “see”.

The plot of this story was brilliant! Without giving away too much, there is a big mystery here that I think is motivated by the long nights of thinking about his characters and their true lives. Ebenezer allows his characters to question reality in a way that is super fun for readers! And that’s not even the main plot point! There is a huge mystery and so many secrets to discover. The life of a P.I. is perfectly created by Ebenezer.

If you’re a fan of Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Mosley, you will love this book! Highly recommended!

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