Book Review: Western Skies

This romance novel by Majken Nilsson is centered around a well built world of characters with booming personalities and circumstances that make the book hard to put down.

Western Skies by [Majken Selinder Nilsson]
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This epic Western romance is the story of Sarah Joe. Both reeling from crippling heartache and believing that their unhappy courses are firmly set, they form an unlikely, and turbulent friendship. They are delusional sometimes and filled with a stubborn pride.

My goodness were they stubborn and prideful. I love a strong willed character but Sarah sometimes made me scream! Sincerely, she had every right to be guarded! Nilsson did an amazing job of giving Sarah obstacles to overcome and after all that, Sarah just can’t be sure who cares about her and who is trying to make her a fool. Joe on the other hand has weak self-esteem and self-sabotage abounds in all his behavior. He too has every right to be cautious. Together, they are beautifully crafted characters.

Nilsson writes amazing settings. I can “see” every location so well and I enjoyed the view! Nilsson also does an excellent job of keeping the theme of her story insight. Managing grief and loss, learning to trust and learning how to love again are all themes that flow through the story from the family bond to the personal friendships that the characters create.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. I don’t usually like romance, but the story of Sarah and Joe is the story of life in their time and part of the world so it was easy to read. Nilsson did a great job representing the times, culture and the behavior of people in love in the Wild West!

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