Who is Alyssa?

Alyssa is my friend. A broken and reconstructed woman who went through hell to come out changed. Stronger, smarter and carrying less baggage in the end, Alyssa is a survivor.

I love her.

She’s lived in my head since January 2019. I finished the manuscript for her story in four months but it’s taken me almost two years to release the title. This book was hard for me to write but I found it necessary. I couldn’t not write it. lol. If that makes sense.

I was very excited to get her story on paper and to eventually share it with you of all. Even though it has hard to swallow themes (trigger warnings here), this story is really all about survival and triumph, fighting demons and rising above tragedy. My girl is tough and despite her pain and personal turmoil, she is determined to beat down her demons and the bad guys.

I’m very excited to share this #OwnVoices book with all of you. I hope that Alyssa’s strength and metamorphosis will bring something positive to your life, as she brought to mine!

Alyssa Fairfield is Available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback.

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