Book Review: Capital Murders

I enjoyed Capital Murders.

Cover Designed by Catelyn Edgar-Vinnell – Click book cover for Amazon Link

I want to give a big thank you to Alex for allowing me to share this AMAZING cover designed by Catelyn Edgar-Vinnell for the re-release of this book. The current edition doesn’t include this cover, so I am honored to be able to share!

The twisty turny story line of this crime fiction novel wasn’t too challenging to follow, which I appreciate, and the main character Det. Carter was smart and a fastidious detective. He was my favorite character.

Alex uses smart language but not too smart that the average reader couldn’t understand. His descriptive touches are well placed and bring many scenes to life. Alex has informed me that a new edition will be released soon! In the original version, the only issue I had with the ebook was the formatting. I am a very distracted reader so I would have liked it to be spaced out a little more to help me break up the long descriptive parts.

Other than that, I would recommend this book!

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Capital Murders

    1. I call language “smart” when it is not common but also not too advanced for the average reader to understand. Alex uses language that fits the genre but isn’t too simple that the reader feels dumb.

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