Book Review: The Veiled Sagas: Bloodied

The Veiled Sagas: Bloodied by Z.F. Sigurdson is a short story collection chocked full of action and strong female characters.

The Veiled Sagas: Bloodied by [Z. F. Sigurdson, Steven Kaul, Chloe Brown, Angela C. Hebert]
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This collection has seven stories “set on the wrong side of the veil”, as Sigurdson puts it, and I can’t disagree. The settings in this book are all outside of our realm for sure, and I get the biggest feeling of scene from the characters themselves. The characters interact with each other and the scenes in a way that show how unique they are.

Speaking of characters, I highly enjoyed them! My favorite was Kelsi from the story Duel of Giants. This particular story was epic with an intense battle. I can still see it in my mind, but my favorite story in the collection was Sacrifice.

This story was thick with character development, and monsters. I loved how even the monsters had character. Sigurdson is very well known for this and has talked about how he loves giving monsters humanity. He also gives human’s monstrous characteristics and this story is no different. I think it’s worth reading with a big, open mind. Check for themes of self-worth, personal strength and toxic relationships.

And also, monsters!

Overall, I found this book easy to read. Sigurdson has a smart vocabulary, but not too smart for an average reader and he is skilled in metaphor, the action and battle sequences are vivid.

I would recommend this book if you love monsters, females who kick ass and getting to know creatures for the better or worse.


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