Turbo Writer: How do I write so much?

First of all, I don’t write the most. There are very many authors who write more than me. I do think I am a diligent writer however. I completed NaNoWriMo this year (2019) (my first year) in 21 days and 4 days later I moved on from the 50k requirement of the event to complete 70k. Before that, I finished a 70k word novel in about 3 months.

Not bragging, but I get words on the paper! I used to be self conscious about my speed but my friends quickly shut me up… getting words on the paper is whats important, right? And by the way, we’re not talking editing here… that SHOULD take a much longer time…

So, all of that said, I want to share my methods with you. I think they are common sense and simple, but I love to help others, so I thought I’d share anyway. Never know what might give someone an idea!

Every Damn Day – Just Do It! – Put A Wedge In It!

Write Every Damn Day:

I write EVERY DAMN DAY. Another reason I love NaNoWriMo – it reinforces the importance of getting words out EVERY DAY. I can’t say this enough. You must write every day if you want to be quick and finish things. I do take breaks but even when I’m breaking, I’m still moving my career forward by blogging, being social, outlining new ideas or planning marketing.

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Sleep only as much as you need to:

I typically sleep 6-7 hours a night. I’m up around 4:30 am on a good day and sleep between 10 and 11 pm. I AM NOT CONDONING SLEEP DEPRIVATION but you should also avoid OVER SLEEPING. I’m best in the morning so that’s when I want to write. Some people are better at night. Also, some people are awake and doing not a damn thing or taking too much time doing things that are not important. Use your waking time wisely.

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Use chapter and word count goals

I use my outline (something else I will discuss with you all soon) to stay organized and make sure I make my word goals. For instance, my books are typically 30 chapters or less. In order to do 70k words I need each chapter to be 2333.3333 words. Lol. We can round that up to 2334. I often do short chapters up to 1500 words, but I would then need to make up those words in another chapter which I’m okay with. This is why I loved NaNo. It reinforced my feelings about staying on track with my word counts and that is how I finished NaNo in 21 days.

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Harness your inner drive

Unfortunately, this cannot be created unless you really want it! When I get close to a word count goal, I must continue! It is something I can’t control. I have to pull myself away from the computer. If I have 2000 and I need 2334, I MUST get it. This is entirely personal, and although I do not use goals often, this is one thing that pushes me, just enough to get things done.


Positivity about my writing

I have an intense and deep love for my stories. My feelings about my writing are very positive. This keeps me going. I know my stories are good and deserve to be read. If you have generally good feelings about your work you’ll be more likely to move forward quickly. 
If you do not have good feelings about your talent or story, let’s chat about that. I’m pretty positive about all my friends writing and I’m always available on Twitter for a chat!
You can also use beta readers to find out EXACTLY where the faults are in your writing, if you are interested.

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Family and Friend Support

My family loves my writing and fully supports me. This helps me a lot BUT I know some of you don’t have family support and that’s okay! I know you’re thinking, how can that be okay, but you have to remember that just because they are in your family doesn’t mean they have to be a fan of your writing. Most of your family isn’t even in your target market. They don’t have to understand or like your work, they are humans and they have a choice about what they like. It’s not mandatory for them to like your work. Friends qualify as appropriate support when needed! Twitter has an AMAZING writers community and there are many groups on FB that have authors just DYING to support you.

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I don’t edit while I write:

Hmmmmm, why not Tiffany? Because it creates an ocean of SELF DOUBT! It is also that much more distracting and slows you down tremendously! There is a time and place for everything. The time and place for editing is AFTER writing. Just get the words on paper. Hurry!

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Blind ambition

Do you consider this a business too? Or do you just write purely for pleasure? For me, this is something I want to do for a living. I know that the best (most well known) authors have tons of books released, so I need to get writing if I wanna be known!

Long story short…

Evaluate your passions, goals (if you’re into that) and your drive! Writing fast and getting things done has a lot to do with how strongly you feel about your craft. Keep your self love, positivity and motivation going! Write every day and worry about editing later. Wake up early to write, or go to bed late. Find those free moments to get your words out.

And lastly, if you’re slow. So what.

Love, Tiffany

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