Cover Reveal! The Archive!

I am THRILLED beyond the legal limit to share in this cover reveal hosted by Storytellers on Tour!

Author Dan Fitzgerald.

Dan Fitzgerald is indeed a good friend to me and has supported me in my many adventures on social media, sharing and celebrating my successes with me! I am glad to announce the cover reveal of his new book The Archive: The Maer Cycle Book Two.

In Hollow Road three companions discovered the monsters of legend were all too real…

Rumors among the Maer tell of an underground library called the Archive, which houses a wealth of knowledge and terrible magics that could be used to start the biggest war seen since the Great Betrayal. A mixed group of humans and Maer set off on an historic quest to find the Archive and protect it from those who would use it to destroy everything they hold dear. As the cold of winter bears down upon them, they trek through forbidding mountains beset by dangers they could have never imagined. They follow a set of ancient clues deep into the Silver Hills, forging surprising alliances and making new enemies.

The humans and Maer are linked by more than their quest to find the Archive and stop an insidious war. A mystical surrogacy may bridge the gap between two peoples, and many hearts entwine as their adventure hurtles toward its bloody conclusion.

The Hollow Road is Available December 4th!

Books by Dan and merchandise is available at

Find out more about Dan and his books at, or find him on Twitter or Instagram, with the handle @danfitzwrites in both places.   

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