Book Review: Tell Me Every Lie

Tell Me Every Lie by P.J. Stanley is a twisted, evocative thriller that kills your darlings and makes you think.

Tell Me Every Lie: a gripping mystery thriller by [P.J. Stanley]
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I started this book with no expectations and I was very surprised by… basically everything. There were so many suspects, so many circumstances, a big (yet comfy) cast of characters and an action sequence!

What I loved about this book was the tenacity of the main character, Emily. She was dogged in trying to get the information she needed. There were some moments where she probably should have fallen back a bit, but with each layer you peel back, you’ll see why she was how she was.

Speaking of layers, that’s the other thing about Emily I liked. She was very complex. I do think that Stanley could have drawn her out a tiny bit more, even still. Emily had a problem which may have contributed to the conflicts in the story, starting even from when her daughter was young, but this is not fleshed out as much as I would have liked. I think it could have added even more to her character if she REALLY had to deal with those demons. Those demons could have provided her with even more motivation, outside of just the undying love she had for her child.

As a seasoned crime fiction reader, I can say that some of the circumstances in this book are well known. I was surprised by how they were stacked, poor Blair, but I was familiar with the crimes and character types.

This book reads well, Stanley uses easy to understand language and concepts, his characters are full of emotions and motives and the action sequence was very good! And that twist ending! Yes. Just yes.

I would recommend this book, especially for anyone who wants to get started with Crime Fiction!

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