Book Review: Dexter and Sinister

My first reading of a steampunk book was eventful! Keith Dickinson crafts a vivid world with strong characters.

Dexter & Sinister: Detecting Agents (A Hammersmyth Novel Book 1) by [Keith W. Dickinson]
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I am a huge fan of crime fiction so this mystery was a perfect way for me to segue into a new setting. Dexter and Sinister is an unlikely partner story that has a strong sense of setting and a large, but manageable, cast of characters. Dexter, a smart aleck, robot cat and Sinister, a less than accomplished gentleman with full potential are paired up, mostly against their will.

Despite how excellent the main characters were written, my favorite character had a smaller part: Agnes Goodenough. Described as six-foot tall and built like a brick outhouse, Agnes is tough, and rough on the exterior but her motives are pure. She came through in a pinch for our main characters and she was vital to the story. Loved her! Hope she is in the series going forward.

The crime in question was simple, at first, THEN everything started to ramp up. The list of suspects was ever changing. What I really like about this crime and the way Dickinson writes it is that he really does take simple crimes, motives and happenings and twist them into an interesting cacophony with the finale. I was able to figure out who the killer was at the end, my deduction skills are high, BUT there was a twist! You’ll have to read and find out.

For a novice reader of anything featuring Steampunk, this was a good start for me. I like the idea of the technology mixing with the commonality of the time period and how the inventions help or hurt our characters.

Highly recommended!

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