Book Review: The Innocent Killing

This is a steamy legal novel with strong female characters and a heartbreaking case to consider.

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D.R. Bailey has given us a lovely, complex main character in Bernadette Mackenna. Bernadette is a tough as hell lawyer with a foul mouth and strong compassion for her clients! The F word is her favorite word! I love her bold, fun attitude and her flaws. She has great relationships with the other characters in the book and they feel very real to me! The relationship with her business partner was absolutely the best – he the skinflint and her the flashy lawyer! They were perfect. Even the people she doesn’t get along with feel genuine. The characters were my favorite part of the book for sure!

The case she was compelled to take was heartbreaking. After all the things the defendant had to go through, then being arrested for a (justifiable?) crime, really had my heartstrings. I’ve seen many situations like this in the news and crime shows I watch, but Bailey did an excellent job of weaving twists and turns as well as showing how a lawyer manages a case like this with compassion, thoroughness and passion.

So, now, I’d like to address the relationship between Bernadette and her love interest. This was the definition of a whirlwind and part of the reason I felt that way is because time was hard for me to keep up with in the story. It is implied that it takes a long time to get a case to court but the relationship between the women is felt more like a daily, all the time thing and that made me feel it was a super quick development. The characters also give me that feeling because they regularly discuss their concerns about how fast things are going.

Now, I am not a prude. I read erotica and I certainly write sex into my own books all the time. I can say however, that this book had too much sex for me. I believe the women loved each other so much and wanted to be physical, which is great, but in the story, most of the love scenes were actually written in instead of just presented in a way that would imply that lovemaking happened. I like a good mix of reading the actions of the lovemaking and just being led to understand that the characters are going to make love.

The other thing about the sex was that, I really wanted to feel more about the “love” that the characters were in but it was hard to over look the very strong physical connection they had and the non physical love and attraction they had for each other felt secondary. There were scenes where the women talked about each other, got to know each other and discussed their feelings but they were a bit overshadowed by the physicality, in my opinion.

Overall, this story was good. I really loved all the characters, found them well written and realistic. The crime highlighted in the book was deep, layered and satisfying. Bernadette is an excellent character and I do look forward to the future books in this series!

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