Book Review: Bite the Hand That Kills You

I freaking loved this book!

Bite the Hand That Kills You by [CJ Douglass]
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CJ does a magnificent job of creating the world for us. I could see every single scene from the shabby office Laurel works at to the train she uses to get around town. I absolutely love the main characters. Laurel is really easy to love. Her aloof and almost childish behavior was so endearing and I really rooted for her all the way through, despite some sketchy situations. I appreciate her growth too! So much. I was just thrilled with this character development!

On another note, the sex scenes were very tasteful, considering a bit of oddness… They weren’t too much, just enough to stimulate but did not take away from the story line. Actually, they ONLY added to the storyline, in my opinion. Some books just throw in sex to have sex in their book, but this was all right in line with the flow of the story. I was really impressed by this book!

I would recommend this book for sure. You have to have an open mind and go with the flow on the surrealism of it, but all and all it is an amazing story from a talented author!

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