My serious effort

Before we start, I do not apologize for being absent. Not to be an ass, but I’m allowed to be absent.

I did miss writing blog posts though. lol.

I’ve been hella busy with marketing, studying the craft, writing, editing and for my efforts and my absence, there will be another book released this year!

I wanted to write a post about effort. It’s a miraculous thing.

Over on my author website, I keep a page full of “Media” as some call it. This includes interviews, book features, guest posts and other things I have done that brought attention to my brand (Tiffany Christina Lewis) and books.

I want to start by saying that I have had the best sales of my career this year. Despite the world. Lemme show you why.

Above is the media I got when Inside Out was released… Lovely. One interview. It was a great interview, but man… only one.

Above is my media from 2019. Stitches came out in February. Not horrible. Not good.

This is my media from now… and counting… Looking a lot better. From March to August, I’ve gotten 12 pieces of media. 12 chances for someone to see my name and my books.

As you can see, from 2019 media stopped in December and didn’t pick up again until March which is when El Jefe was released. I haven’t missed a month of media until July and I think I made up for it with March, May and June wasn’t too shabby.

My task, established in June, is to get some sort of media every month. At first it seemed simple. By networking with authors, I got a lot of opportunities for media. Some accidentally, when writers purchased my book and decided to review it on their blog.

Getting media does actually take effort however. Once all those accidentals wear off, you have to seek media attention and opportunities.

I have lists and lists of people and organizations who could interview me, review my books or tour them, but I am not the only one reaching out to them. They have tons of authors looking for publicity reaching out to them all the time.

I would say that I have three times the amount of resources compared to the number of media items I have received this year, so the job is continuing to find opportunities and pursuing them.

The long story short in this is – I’ve had the best sales of my career this year and my own effort has played a big part in that.

Let’s share resources! Comment if you have some resources because I definitely have some I can share!

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