I just opened a Publishing Company!

Let’s get right to the chase.



Rebellion LIT is a literary affirmation that creativity is best served for the world’s enjoyment when owned by the creator on all levels, with no strings attached.

Our purpose is that of two goals: to showcase literary works produced with no regards to non-creative barriers; and to collaborate with other free-spirited writers who wish to buck the status quo in one form or another. For readers craving untamed literature, Rebellion LIT provides rawness whether it be fiction, biographies or think pieces.

Brandon Lambert

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how I am starting this year by QUITTING a bunch of things. I did that because I knew the one new thing I was going to start this year was going to be THIS BIG.

My books are for sale on the website with autographs, and the company has some cool merchandise that I think you will love!

In other plans, we are aiming for an Anthology to be released in May of 2021. Authors will be able to submit their work for publication and we will PAY for authors work.

Exciting things are happening!

Visit the website and Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter @RebellionLit!


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