2020 will be…


I’m planning so much and I’m starting by planning to NOT DO THINGS. Here is my list, and I shall explain.

  • I am closing my Etsy shop.
  • I am minimizing my house.
  • I am focusing on writing.
  • I am opening a publishing imprint.

First, I’m closing my Etsy Shop. After January 7th, this link wont work! Cause my shop will be closed! I know, closing my super cool earring shop seems like a bad/sad/silly idea… but honestly, it’s just time to close shop. It has not been a self sustaining business and although I’m okay with that, for the amount of work it costs me, I’ll pass. I no longer have a strong desire to do the work. I’m NOT spending time on something I am dispassionate about.

I learned SO MUCH by running this shop for 3 years and I am all happy tears to say goodbye to it. I am planning for bigger and better things and closing my shop will give me time for that.

Second, I am minimizing my house this year. I am getting rid of so much shit! I’m very tired of having a lot of things. It is now a state of mind and I am embracing simplicity. DVD’s be gone! Books I’ll never read again, be gone! Old broken furniture pieces, poof! I am NOT keeping stuff just to have it.

On another note, I will be spending less money because I am AVIDLY OPPOSED to clutter. If I buy something, the new deal is that something has to go. One thing in, two things out.

Third, I am WHOLE HEARTEDLY focusing on my writing. This year and beyond. I have been a fool to not put my writing first since Inside Out was released SIX YEARS AGO. Granted, I did find some kinks in Stitches that I had not worked out until now, and thanks to the Twitter #WritersCommunity, I am fully bloomed as a writer and a STUDENT of writing, so everything happens for a reason, yeah? I’m NOT not writing.

The reason I am so adamant about my writing is because not only does it make me happy, it makes other people happy AND it allows me to do one of my favorite past times…. LEARN. I have enrolled in WRITING CLASSES and if you know me, you know I’m a geek and I love to learn. My passion for writing absolutely intensified when I started taking these courses and everything else meant nothing.

Wait, I can STUDY writing, while writing? OF COURSE! Sign me up.

Lastly, I am starting a publishing imprint / Indie Press with my partner this year. I always knew I wanted to be Indie and self publish my books. My books will continue to be well written and professional and to me, this means, being represented by a great body of people and processes that check and balance it in a way that bring credibility to me and my work.

Being published professionally and with great care shouldn’t go unrecognized, therefore, my company will be recognized for being the catalyst I need to continue producing great work for you all. It’s not just about how “good” my story is. Writing is a business (as well as an art form) and it has to be respected as such. I am NOT letting my work be treated as less than the best.

So! Happy New Years! Do something productive this year! Everyday you wake up is your chance to be great!

Love, Tiffany!

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