July, going on August

Another NaNoWriMo almost down, another lost event for me.

BUT as you can see from the last line of this tweet… I only failed because I am SO in love with THREE different WIP I have going on. Not only has Completion been begging me to put some words to it, but I have two other stories that I’m working on! Here are the deets:

WIP: Madam

This is the story of a Bay Area madam who runs a successful escort business. Yes, this one is Erotic. Pretty classy in my opinion, but it is my first attempt at a full length Erotic work. The Madam, is being investigate by a detective. Unlike my previous detectives, this guy sucks at his job but when he finally catches up with the madam, things take some interesting turns.

WIP: Wisp

This one is based in a fake city, also a first for me and it is in First Person. Not only is it in first person, but the perspectives switch between characters. The story follows a loner character with some serious issues, and a detective who is on his last leg. Having wanted to be retired from policing over 5 years ago, our detective reluctantly gets into an investigation while our loner makes mischief. These two will cross paths and our detective will have some decisions to make…

So now!…

The clock is ticking for me. I really want to have these stories as well as Completion, complete, lol, by the new year. This will mean I will have FIVE completed manuscripts! Whoo hoo! I was intending to make Completion a full length novel but as is my tradition, the first story in a potential series is always a novella…

Sooooo does that mean these three books will be series? You may ask…

Yes and no. I do think at least two of them have potential to grow, but for now, I don’t have plans for expansion. Reader reaction will be the true determination on the growth of any series.

Aside from that, I am working on a bit of a READING adventure that will crank up soon. Stay tuned to hear more about that!

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