Show and Tell and Tell and Show

I won’t take up too much of your time here today, folks. I just wanna chat with you guys real quick about something that keeps coming up in the #writerscommunity.

I hear a lot of authors talking about showing and not telling.

Then I see a lot of authors freaking out because they tell too much and don’t show enough. Whatever that means…

Can I be real?

You guys are all annoying. lol.

What happened to writing being about an author expressing themselves? All these tight rules and reactions to tight rules are annoying.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to improve or understand the writing industry in this technical way, but don’t sweat it.

The only rule is no rule.

Funny, amazing, talented Jennifer Chen tells it like it really is.

An awesome Twitter friends, Ms. Jennifer Chen is literally the definition of cool headed and creative. Take it from her!

Stop being pinned up and nervous.

Just write!

You will improve, you will start to show and not tell, you will be better and better if you just worry more about getting words on paper and less about those kinds of expectations.

Take it easy on yourself.

Rant over. 

Thank you for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Show and Tell and Tell and Show

  1. I think so many people.get caught up by the idea of writing to the rules, they also forget this is what editing is for! You’re completely write (ha!) – people just gotta get it all down, *then* worry about moulding it into something dramatic and beautiful!

    1. Yes, editing, although many hate it, is the place to worry about worrying. lol. We have to just empty our heads. Then we have beta readers, editors and friends to help us iron out where we should show and not tell and all that.

      Thank you for your comment, Terry!

  2. Thanks for the post. I’m wondering if the word ‘rules’ is a little too stringent. There should certainly be guidelines or things we ‘should’ do I think. Even Beckett would have known what made a good story before he broke the rules. Same with Burroughs. I’d say that if we know the ‘rules’, then we can better know how to best break them.

    Long live the ‘ly’!

    1. I agree, the word rules is a buzz kill but I think some people really treat these idioms like hard and fast rules when there needs to be more flexibility. I also agree that we must know the rules because when we don’t know the rules at all, we can have some problems. lol.

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