Journal: Who’s Scared Now?

I FINALLY started writing a new character.

When I was writing short stories, I wrote new characters all the time. It was no problem at all, but I had such a hard time writing my sequel that I literally wrote only one character for 5 years.

Now I am facing off with a strong, black woman and a vicious antagonist who wants her blood.

and I’m scared.

I told a Twitter friend of mine the other day that I was closed minded about my genre— meaning that I only like to write that genre even though I have ideas in the other categories. Apparently I am also closed minded about my M(ain) C(haracter).

My MC has always been Michael Taylor and I love him, now I have to craft someone new. She is beating away at my brain but I still have this crazy blockage.

This is an irrational fear. So many authors have them.

I have started writing her, but only with the maximum trepidation. I don’t know when I will be truly comfortable with her, but her story must be told.

I shall press on!

With False Bravery, Tiffany

Thank you for reading.

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