Don’t Start Unbelieving: Part 2

I wanted to share this AMAZING video shared with me by an AMAZING Author friend named Zach Sigurdson. His insights on writing always bring me such inspiration and joy! Find him on Twitter @ZFSigurdson95 – tell him Tiffany sent you.

This is a clip of an interview of Neil Gaiman (author of Coraline). Here he talks about inspiration, the dreaded first draft and a very important tip for new writers.

I’m sharing this specifically to add to my post about doubt and giving up on our work. This video shares really good insights on moving forward with our work regardless of feelings and doubts. I found Neil’s words very inspirational. I almost cried. Not joking.

One way you get through the wall, is just by convincing yourself that it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s ever going to see your first draft.

Nobody cares about your first draft

and that’s the thing that you may be agonizing over but honestly, whatever you are doing can be fixed and you can fix it tomorrow you can fix it next week, for now, just get the words out.

Neil Gaiman

Please enjoy.

Love, Tiffany

Thank you for reading.

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