Don’t Start Unbelieving – mustering the strength to keep writing

I was feeling vulnerable and I put out the following tweet a while ago.

As you can see, it got 325 likes. What you can’t see is that it got 151 comments too! I did my best to reply to every comment, because what I didn’t know was that my tweet was officially turning into group therapy.

Not only did I encounter tons of people who had my opposite problem (writing too slow) but I got a barrage of other things that caused doubt from them.

Here is a little list of doubts DIRECTLY from Twitter’s #writerscommunity, in no particular order:

  • Comparing my work to others
  • Editing before my work is done and feeling inadequate
  • Negative / not enough feedback
  • Not having enough experience before query or publishing
  • Feeling my work is not creative or new
  • That people won’t “believe” or like my work
  • Not living up to my favorite authors
  • My writing style isn’t attractive
  • Not writing good enough prose/descriptions
  • Not writing good enough dialogue
  • Writing too slow
  • Writing too fast
  • Work isn’t fast paced and exciting enough
  • Synopsis or query letter writing is not as good as the work itself
  • Can’t come up with story ideas
  • Books not selling
  • Tons of errors when I edit
  • Not enough emotional impact
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Family members aren’t supportive
  • Work isn’t keeping my attention so how can it keep others attention?
  • All things? lol – This was my favorite.

Have you found yours yet? I bet it’s in there!

Now read the list again, and find your OPPOSITE problem in there. Find something that you DON’T have an issue with. It’s in the list too.

The truth is, once I started to chat with everyone about what they thought was a problem, we almost immediately found others with the opposite issue! I don’t want to downplay your feelings but, your issue actually, probably isn’t that bad. Or on the other hand, someone else probably WISHES they had your problem, kind of like what I learned. None of us want issues with book sales, but guess what! Most people aren’t selling their book… you are not alone.

These issues are NOT enough for you to give up on your work.

Writing is full of ups and downs, its hard as fuck and its heartbreaking. Rejection is RAMPANT and so many people are better than you! Even your cousin who never wrote a book in their life has an opinion. There are also a shit ton of upsides, and so many people who are worse than you. And who gives a shit what you cousin thinks! He’s not even in your target market!

Take it easy on yourself. Yes your first draft sucks, but thats why we edit, use beta readers and hire editors when needed.

If writing is your passion, DO NOT GIVE UP because of these negative aspects. Find your strength!

If you really love your work, carry on.

Love, Tiffany

Thank you for reading.

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