And then there was time.


Time is relative. It’s an anomaly. It’s unreachable. It’s painful.

I had an incident where a family member told me, “Oh you do have time, you just use time for what you want, and that’s not what you want.”

So true.

When I finally had the “feeling”, all of a sudden I had time to write. I had time for everything when I had the “feeling”. As I said in my last post, I’m super busy working and working and studying and mommying, but when I had time, I had tiiiiimmmme and I did shit. How do you think I opened a jewelry business? lol.

I think the bigger point about time, is that time belongs to you. Of course you should take time to do important things like eat, sleep, and earn money, but no one should control how you do anything. Not even your job. You should always find time to do things you love. Everything else is irrelevant.

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