Kill them all…

Haven’t posted since 2015. Sorry bout that. I’ve literally been doing sooooo much.

  1. Moved back to California in April of that year.
  2. Worked a “demanding” 9-5 where I quickly gained 2 promotions. (When I wrote MT1, I worked from home…)
  3. Opened a budding Jewelry business.
  4. Started a Master’s degree in Communications.
  5. Started a new relationship.
  6. Continued raising a daughter who has had a few rough elementary school years…
  7. etc. etc. etc.

I’m sure I missed something. But damn. I’m tired!

Michael tapped me on the shoulder a few months ago, though. He asked me why I had abandoned him.

“I’d never leave you, Michael.”

“You wrote a whole damn book about me and trashed it. Didn’t even work on a new one. Decided so many more things were more important than me.”

“That’s enough, Michael.”

I’m one of those who needs inspiration to fall on me. That’s an unfortunate trait. In one of my communications courses we did a lot of talking about how to cultivate creative ideas, not just let them “come to you”.

And that’s how I decided:


Driving to work I started having those Michael thoughts and they were missing some people. I was liking the thoughts and then I realized something… I needed to KILL some ideas and feelings that I had about the future of my characters. I can’t let this second book be mundane and just go with the practical flow. I have to break some rules and get crazy.

Once I decided that, I found my murder scene.

Let’s see how this goes.

Book two #amwriting.

2 thoughts on “Kill them all…

  1. Now I have to find the book and read it again. Wishing much success on your next endeavor.

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