Not dead…


That face up there… That’s why you haven’t heard from me.

I am full blown engulfed in editing Michael Taylor Part Two (Untitled) and I have to tell you, this book sucks!!!

First of all, gimme my props for admitting that.

Second, let me tell you why the first draft of my new book sucks:

1. I realized who my characters REALLY were, at the last minute, so their fake selves are masquerading in my book!

2. Everything they do sucks, has no purpose or doesn’t move the story along.

3. I’m bored, reading my own book.

4. It’s not gross enough. (Yeah, I go for the gross details of the kill)

5. I could see people being like, “yeah, the first one was better”, cause I’m saying that.

6. I’m not making the series better AT ALL by releasing this… 

7. There are to many conflicting behaviors and relationships because I am fighting with the characters and the masqueraders.


So I am ripping this book apart, limb from limb. The guts are already popping from the flesh and once I cut the chunks out that I want, the pulsating heart of the book, and set those aside in gross silver pans that clank on my exam table, I will Frankenstein it into a fine ass Brad Pitt Frankenstein, no, no, I really have a crush on Luke Evans right now so… Anyway, when I put this thang together  again it WILL BE EPIC and not suck.


Thank you for your patience.

scream2 <– Still Screaming, cause now I gotta write a whole new book…


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