For Clarice

No matter how I screw up,

you curse me out,

you tell me don’t cry,

you love me.

With all my flaws,

and through all my greatness,

and when I have the amoebas,

you love me.

We look like twins,

we sound alike,

you read my mind,

you love me.

You spoil my child,

way more than you ever spoiled me,

you remind me that I’m your baby too,

and you love me.


I love you mom. I love all the other moms who fit into these lines all over the world. All my aunts who were mothers at a moments notice, I love you. All my friends who became mothers and do a stellar job, I love you. And last but not least, the most unrecognized mother of all: The daddy mom :) I love you too!

Happy Mothers Day! 

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