Review: Steamy Trails Publishing



So, my recent book release was published by Steamy Trails Publishing.

I’m really impressed with their fearless leader, Katrina, first of all, because I am a pain in the butt. I needed everything to be a certain way and Katrina accommodated that. She was patient and took care of what I needed. I was fortunate that she was willing to work closely with me and believed in my work. I don’t think I would have gotten the same experience with to many other people. Lastly, I really appreciate her working with my royalties in a very transparent way. I get regular reports and have access to the back end of basically everything.

Overall I’m pleased with the work Steamy Trails did for me!

6 thoughts on “Review: Steamy Trails Publishing

  1. From us to you, Tiffany, you have been a pleasure to work with. I call you our “superstar,” not just because of your amazing writing skills, but your passion and drive to be the best truly inspires us. We foresee nothing but success in your future and we are glad to be have part in the groundbreakings of that.Thank you dearly!!!

    ~ Katrina Gurl

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