Introducing Brawly


Who is Brawly?

Brawly is not a boxer, really, as much as he’s a brawler. He tries diligently to please others but he can’t fight his wild spirit or his bad upbringing. Oakland is his home town and he thrives in the crime riddled environment.  He keeps up with trouble and neglects positive advice.

His life will be changed during this series when he meets a rigid business man who believes Brawly could be an asset to his unorthodox business and way of solving problems.

Coming May 1st, 2014


Part 1: Welcome Back to Oakland


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4 thoughts on “Introducing Brawly

    1. First of all, don’t come in here judging a book by its promotional image. lol. I’m standing on my love for crime fiction and Brawly will fa sho be less that glamorous in his role. :)

        1. Sounds like something you’d say too :P I get to pick what everyone looks like in my books so I don’t care if you think he doesn’t look Brawly. He is Brawly!

          Thanks for reading!

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