Flashback: Karma

A fan requested that I post this story from For This Cause Writers Unite. It’s a short story about infidelity and a revenge that could only come through fate!




by Tiffany Christina Lewis

Published April 2012

Dolphins sleep with their eyes open. Just like cheaters. I know this, because I am one. Not a dolphin, a cheater. I was the girl rounding out a night of passionate sex with tip toeing into the house and sneaking in bed. My boyfriend usually woke up ranting. I’d sell him some line about being too drunk to drive or losing track of time. He usually bought it.

That’s why I could never be married. I’m a free spirit. I really shouldn’t even have a boyfriend but Travis keeps a roof over my head. He supplies my addictions: partying, sex and nonstop fun. Sometimes, I enjoy those things with him but usually I get those things without him. I use his money to make my life more comfortable.

Do I feel guilty? Not at all. I make sure I use protection when I fool around. I’ve even told some of my guys about my boyfriend. They feel victorious because they get to be with me while he waits at home, but they don’t know that they are temporary. He could never be replaced. I know it all sounds kinda warped but, it works for me.

One hot July night I got the itch and I needed Bryce to scratch it. Bryce Jones. He had a long finger and his scratching was the best. I texted him and without hesitation he told me to come on over. I called my friend Nicole and conspicuously made some plans to go to her house for drinks. She was always good for an alibi. I grabbed my coat and was out the door before Travis’s kiss could dry on my cheek.

When I arrived at Bryce’s house I knocked on the door for what felt like 10 minutes. Finally I banged on the door as loud as I could and shouted for Bryce to open up. The door swung open and I was warmly greeted by his wife, who I didn’t know existed. She must have been part feline because when she opened that door, and without even one word, the claws came out. I was caught off guard and easily defeated. I made my escape in the elevator, bruised and bleeding. When I got back to my car I called Nicole to tell her that I really would be coming for those drinks but she didn’t answer.

I sulked home. My itch had been scratched all right, by Bryce’s wife, so I guess I could go home and cuddle with Travis. He would believe my story about someone on the street trying to mug me and that I fought them off bravely. He would hold me lovingly and dress my wounds. He would tell me he loves me and I would say “You too.” I would fall asleep before we could make love and wake up before him, well rested and bright eyed.

I walked into the house and it was dark. All the lights were off and I could hear a faint noise. TV? No. I walked slowly towards the bedroom. Radio? No. By the time my hand touched the doorknob I knew what I was hearing. It was an unmistakable sound. I had made it out of my own mouth more than enough times to know what it was. I even made other people make that sound, very often.

I swung open the door and my eyes could not believe what I was seeing.

My boyfriend and my best friend.

Travis and Nicole.

Making love.

Carefree and happy.

Genuinely happy to be together.

They stopped and looked at me; half surprised, half arrogant. Nicole looked radiant. Sweat touched her skin gently and her hair matted neatly to her forehead. Travis lay on top of her. His muscles were taut in a way I had never seen. He was actually sexy. After the 2 seconds it took me to take in the scene, my mind opened up again. For once I was seeing something real, something that I couldn’t control. I was suddenly enraged.

“What the fuck is this?!” I shouted.


© Tiffany Christina Lewis 2011

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