There is more to come!

Let me explain…

In my Kevin Hart Voice

I am currently self employed. I opened a daycare at my house. logocolorYay Busy Bees! This is since January.

Well, I had only one kid for a while so I was  painfully broke for maybe, 2 or 3 weeks. Then I got another! Yay, then one left and I only had one. Boo! Then word of mouth brought another, then my website brought another… So now I have Three!

Well, sadly, I’m still not rich :) and I’m not terribly busy either… all the kiddos are pretty easy going and they ALL NAP! lol

Flashback to the end of last year, December-ish. I wrote and finished my Novella. The one I’m having released soon! Yea! Took me about 2 or 3 months to write. I decided to stop playing around and get that thang published! Why not?

So, Let me tell you all: This book “fell on me”. I literally sat up in my bed one day and started writing.

Divine Droppings.

So I feel very strongly about this book!

Anywho. I decided to reach out to my publisher and magic happened!

Right after that I started selling Avon (< Shop here) :). lol.

So I’m reeeeeeally self-employed. lol. And people keep telling me I’m busy, but I don’t feel like it. Daycare, Avon, Book Release. Nah, I got time for a series. lol

So! There will be a series!!

Once a month I will release a new part of the series, starting in…. May? I like May. Many important dates in May. May 1st I will release the first part of the series and every month after I will release more. Details for the series will be released after my novella is released.

I’m also preparing the sequel to my first release, as a Novel and a second, unrelated Novella that I would like released this year as well!

If you’re not writing your next book, it’s gonna be hard to sell a bunch of books! So I’m on it!

Get Ready! Its about to get Crazy!


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