Contest soon come!

It’s almost time! For the contest! Let me get you excited! I’m giving away copies of my book of course, but I’m also giving away one 20$ AMAZON GIFT CARD! This Friday the contest will commence! Stay tuned! Advertisements

Flashback: Karma

A fan requested that I post this story from For This Cause Writers Unite. It’s a short story about infidelity and a revenge that could only come through fate! Enjoy!   Karma by Tiffany Christina Lewis Published April 2012 Dolphins sleep with their eyes open. Just like cheaters. I know this, because I am one. […]

Book Cover Release!!!

So, you, subscriber, you have made it. You are the best. You will now be awarded with my book cover! and here is the cover AMAZING! Right? I’m so happy with it! Thank you Pro eBook Covers! Thank you Fiverr! Very inexpensive. So now, Here’s my timeline: The contest has been moved back a week […]