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Flashback: Karma

A fan requested that I post this story from For This Cause Writers Unite. It's a short story about infidelity and a revenge that could only come through fate! Enjoy!   Karma by Tiffany Christina Lewis Published April 2012 Dolphins sleep with their eyes open. Just like cheaters. I know this, because I am one. … Continue reading Flashback: Karma

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So, you, subscriber, you have made it. You are the best. You will now be awarded with my book cover! and here is the cover AMAZING! Right? I'm so happy with it! Thank you Pro eBook Covers! Thank you Fiverr! Very inexpensive. So now, Here's my timeline: The contest has been moved back a week … Continue reading Book Cover Release!!!

Escape: A Story of Perseverance by Anthony Arnold

I wanted to share this with my readers.

I am African American so slavery is part of my history. It doesn’t bother me in the classic sense of the word bother. It bothers me that African American’s still have the mentality of those who are oppressed but won’t take lessons from their ancestors.

This story is engaging and short to the point. Although I am very well educated in many aspects of the slave trade, this was still a great and interesting read.

Please dedicate some of your time to reading this. There are more parts on Anthony’s website if you would like to continue reading.

Musings of Anthony Arnold

Escape: A Story of Perseverance by Anthony Arnold

In the future…..

I listened as I heard the slave hunters go by. “I know I saw that nigger come through here”. There is no way that he could have come through here, look at that thicket, he would have to be a fool to go that way. Even the dogs won’t go that way. Let’s look elsewhere. As they went away from my hiding place, I breathed a sigh of relief. I removed myself from the thicket, and dabbed mud on my wounds. There was no time to rest. I had to keep moving. My life depended on it. I thought about my condition as I moved deeper into the forest. Toward freedom.

The beginning

It began as I was captured in my homeland and was stolen away to this strange land across the big pond. I was taken as I…

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