Attention Costs

Sooooooooooooo, sometimes magazines fall apart. Anyone who goes to my publications will see that my poem “Attention Costs” is no longer available online. The website for  Daily Love Magazine is closed. So, I want to make sure folks can read my work. Below is my poem Attention Costs which was originally published by in January 2013.

Attention Costs

All this attention

But loneliness sets

One is a good friend and the others want more

But what is that going to cost my freedom

Do I really want to be free

What will that cost my ego

I can think of so many things I want to do

In a house full of people thinking about you

But where are you

Sorry for the no car business but I’m in a financial problem

What does that even mean

What will that cost my need for attention

I have naughty thoughts even though I don’t know the size

Haven’t seen much more than your face and hands

These thoughts come at any and all times

What will that cost my celibacy

I want some attention but I can’t even explain

What do I really want and am I insane

Just read my mind so we can get it over with

© Tiffany Christina Lewis 2013

Thank you for reading.

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