Life is a battle.

Life is a battle.

I have been battling so much lately.

  1. My car is busted up bad! Transmission… Can’t get it fixed until tax time, maybe… The story of how all this went felt like fiction to me, I might write it out.
  2. I got a crazy dog. Chihuahua Pitbull mix. Ask and I’ll tell.
  3. My knee is “better”. No surgery required but I’m still nervous and walking like a gimp because I don’t want to fall.
  4. Around October, I think it was, I got demoted at work because they closed my program… Almost would have prefered getting fired, but eh. With all that, I lost 25% of my wages hourly, and half my hours, So I’m piss poor! Bills are behind and things are being sorely neglected. Thank God for my mother or me and Khyra would be struggling, even more.

When one door closes another one opens.

I’ve been trying to open a daycare at my mom’s house for years, at least two. When my mom found out they were cutting me down to 20 hours she demanded that I limit my availability. I mean this place is now my retail job. No more 9-5 which I didn’t really have anyway, so my mom is like, “Why would you want to go down there, 35 minutes away, everyday, just for 20 hours?” Made sense. So i made my availablity Thursday – Saturday. While I was doing that, what else would I do? I spoke, again, to my mom and she told me instead of trying to find another job where I would undoubtedly have to commute, big time, I should go ahead with the daycare. We had already invested at least a thousand dollars to prepare materials and furniture.

The battle was on! We had to make major changes to backyard to accommodate the dogs, and childrens, safely. Put up a fence for the dogs area, removed a flowering bush, had a major bee swarm because of that (bee tornado, no joke), removed an aloe vera plant, moved that the the front yard. Then we went inside: Furniture, cabinet locks, weird glow in the dark door handle covers,  fire extinguishers, little chairs. The list goes on and on.

Well, all that blood sweat and tears turned into Busy Bees Home Daycare. That was January 2nd. So, when that goes well, I will be doing better.

Until then, I would like to get back to writing. We’ll see how that goes.

One thought on “Life is a battle.

  1. Thanks for update. I hope things turn around for you soon. Merry wombversary btw.

    I know things will work out for you at some point because you work far too hard and have far too much determination to let anything stop you.

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