Letter to AZ Apartment Owners

Dear Arizona Apartment Owners,

My cousin came to Arizona a few years ago and she had a misdemeanor. How come she couldn’t get an apartment?

People who go to jail are supposed to be there to be rehabilitated, but when they get out, they are not allowed to do anything, basically. Felons can’t get jobs or housing in Arizona because they can’t pass the background checks. Soooooo, what are they supposed to do?

OH that’s right! They can go back to the streets and make money illegally and live in other peoples houses even tho it violates the persons lease and the rules on background checks.

You guys are morons. Not to mention that the prison system is all F’ed up anyway. No one is rehabilitated and they come out in worse shape sometimes. Then they turn around, if they weren’t completely broken in prison and they can’t get jobs or housing? Really? REALLY?

Why do prisoners have to lose all their rights to humanity, even after they have “served their time”.  I don’t get that. If they are going to be released then doesn’t that mean they are deemed safe for society? So how come they can’t live in the apartment complex? How come they can’t work? You still don’t trust them? So, the state didn’t do their job? YEA!

I guess reforming the prison system is just as good as going back to a barter system. Not gonna happen.



P.S. Is this just Arizona I’m talking too? I don’t remember this rule in the Bay…

8 thoughts on “Letter to AZ Apartment Owners

  1. It’s a really dangerous precedent that’s been set forth but not at all surprising. With the way the system has set up it will take a lot of changes on the state government level to put an end to this type of thing from happening.

    1. But do you think reforming the prison system is necessary? I know it will take God walking on the earth to do it, but…

      And what about the fact that released inmates are not well transitioned back into society? I mean at the least, felons can’t get jobs.

      1. I think reforming the prison system as well as the background check system must be done. They have to find a way to make it accessible for all people instead of trying to find ways to discriminate and dissuade people from seeking out the numerous opportunities available.

        1. APPROVED! lol

          But seriously, I understand the “fear” most people have about felons, the drugs the property damage the violence, but not every former inmate is like that. A lot of them do want to rejoin society in a positive manner, but that chance is denied.

  2. The issues you discuss are countrywide. There are some programs available but the information is not widely distributed. Here in Wichita, Kansas, I have started a nonprofit to advocate for the employment of people with criminal histories. This issue has far reaching effects on the community. Even those that want to banish criminals because of the costs associated with assisting those caught up in the justice system would be hard pressed to find a valid argument against the benefits for the community as a whole for a felon to have housing and employment. The fact is, it costs billions to incarcerate and manage criminals.

    Thanks for posting about this issue.

    1. Thank you for what you are doing!

      When ever I think about this kind of discrimination I always think about what makes the government tick, Money. And like you said, it would benefit the communities because money would be going in and out, just like a non felon would do.

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