Letter to Almost Everyone

Dear Almost Everyone,

Stop giving me such bad examples of relationships. You’re confusing me. I keep bouncing from wanting love, to thinking love is impossible. I keep seeing what I think is perfect but behind closed doors it’s actually all screwed up! You keep making me think that love is for crazy people.

Over time, I have started to learn that relationships are SUPPOSED TO BE IMPERFECT. Why? Because HUMANS are imperfect. I told my co-worker the other day that, there will always be something that annoys me about my partner because PEOPLE annoy me, in general!

My best friend is sooooo imperfect but I LOVE HER so freaking much! I could never live without her! How come I can’t apply that to my partner, AND be comfortable with it, just like I am comfortable with my best friend? All my friends are imperfect and piss me off. Why is it that I can fight with my best friend one day and be cool the next day, no matter what! For over 12 years! But not my partner?

WAKE UP Almost Everyone! Relationships are not perfect! And from now on, I promise to take it easy on my partner and except his flaws, because NO ONE is Flawless.


Newly Conscious to the Reality of Relationships


6 thoughts on “Letter to Almost Everyone

  1. I’m so glad to read this. I miss your writing. Awesome revelation. I love Rich more now than ever because the older I get I can accept how flawed I am and how much he had put up with, making me the lucky one. You know what’s not acceptable and what is tollerable. Some things that bug us are not as bad as we make them.

    1. Some things that bug us are NOT as bad as we make them, for real and I had a chance to hear myself talk and I was like, “eww”. It was bad to the point where I wasn’t even acknowledging effort to change where change was requested. That’s low.

      Sometimes all you need is to hear the madness out loud. lol. Or have someone else tell you that you are crazy. But I guess that was kinda the problem too, everyone agreed with me. But once we all thought about it and I broke it down to them the way I had figured it out, they confirmed my feelings that I was wrong. lol.

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