Letter to AZ Apartment Owners

Dear Arizona Apartment Owners, My cousin came to Arizona a few years ago and she had a misdemeanor. How come she couldn’t get an apartment? People who go to jail are supposed to be there to be rehabilitated, but when they get out, they are not allowed to do anything, basically. Felons can’t get jobs or […]

Letter to the Anti-Gay

Dear Anti-Gay, I really don’t like how you’re acting. I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman too, firmly, but I’m not out here rallying and bashing gays and lesbians. That’s stupid and useless. Luke 6:37 ESV “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; […]


My upcoming Letter may offend you, but I don’t care. Like I said, these are my rants, my opinions and I want them to cause conversation. My Letter will be released Wednesday at 5:00 am, just as the last and just as the future ones will be. So please stop by and read it! OH […]

Letter to Almost Everyone

Dear Almost Everyone, Stop giving me such bad examples of relationships. You’re confusing me. I keep bouncing from wanting love, to thinking love is impossible. I keep seeing what I think is perfect but behind closed doors it’s actually all screwed up! You keep making me think that love is for crazy people. Over time, […]

Introducing: Letters

Hello All! I have decided that I need a healthy way to vent :) I’m going to start a series, called Letters, where I am literally going to just write a letter to who ever, or what ever I have feelings about and post it here. Please leave comments about your feelings for or against […]