Writing Prompt??

I love this song, and me being a murder/mystery/detective/investigation genre fan, I can totally see this song being a story. Actually, I have seen this song as a story before, but it was on Investigation Discovery, so it was real, not fiction.


This song is also kinda close to me because it reminds me of a story I heard recently. The end of the story was something to the effect of:


Him: “I’m glad I couldn’t find her because I wouldn’t be here today. I woulda been in jail.”

Me: “Ha, ha, ha. Well, I’m glad too, we wouldn’t be having this discussion if you did something stupid.”

Him: “Right.”

I guess this could get deep into a discussion about revenge but… I just wanted to share :)

This is my favorite song right now. Kinda dark but real. I ♥ Bruno Mars’s musical style so, I share, regardless.

Inspiration for anyone? Could you see Bruno really doing this? I dunno!! :)

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