Everything happens for a reason: A lesson

My last post was very timely…

So remember the story I was talking about in my last post…. Well, I was scouting around for somewhere to submit that story, even before I submitted it to those editors. I found a perfect anthology about Domestic Violence that the story would fit into but the deadline was past for submission. I emailed the editor, this was in like November, I think.

Well the editor emailed me back last night and said I could submit it. Yay! Anytime is a good time to hear from an editor but because of what I did a month earlier, this was an even better time!

So, everything happens for a reason. Had I finished those edits and allowed my work to be changed in ways I didn’t want to, just for publication, I would not have been able to submit my work to this anthology, because they do not accept previously published work.

Everything happens for a reason.

So more than A Lesson, many lessons:

1. do not get caught up in being published and lose your identity.

2. do not rush.

3. do not get discouraged.

4. do not be afraid to ask.

P.S. I have a poem being published, January 20th, 2013 on the front page of DailyLove.net. Yippee! It will be archived after that.  We’ll talk more when we get closer to the date. Yippee!

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