Lovers Quarrel

So, I think I announced a few months ago that I was having a story published.

Yea well that went down the drain…


The issue wasn’t like the picture above, but I liked the picture. lol. I’ll make this story short because I’m so over it. The publisher asked me to make changes and I was totally willing to do that, but I felt that my work was being taken sympathetically instead of for the fact that they really felt like it would fit the publication and in return I was getting some bad vibes instead of helpfulness. I had submitted several times to their publication…

This was sent to me in a comment related to my issues with their changes:

“These edits are consistent with the caliber of material that we usually publish. If you have issues with small word choices then complete the edits with the words that you cannot let go and we will re-read to see if the story flows.”

The caliber of work we usually publish? So that means my work is not there yet? and regarding the “little” changes, this is what I said regarding the “little changes” that even caused this snarky comment.

“Some changes I disagree with, such as changing she could and she would to she’d. I don’t like that idea because I would essentially be changing those two different [phrases], to the same [phrase].”

First of all, am I right?? Why would I change she could and she would to the same thing if that’s not what I mean them to be? It seems those “little changes” were something of an annoyance to the editor. lol.

But, I digress, I think the point of this post is…

Maintain your ideas and your creativity in editing, no matter what. I understand that some edits are necessary but they should not take away from what you are trying to say, or whats the point in saying it. A good editor will be more willing to work with you, or not at all. They are not gonna nit pick and waste time.  And it doesn’t need to be a cock fight in order to get the work done.

Oh, and Happy New Year! Meet your goals this year folks. 





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