Flashback: Spring Break

This is a Flashback to a story I got published in The Poetic Lounge (Volume 2). It’s a very short story that I actually wrote for a 140 character magazine, but I expanded it after it was rejected. I like it because I feel like it paints a picture without taking up to much space. I’m not great at that, but I think I did okay. What do you think?

Spring Break

by Tiffany Christina Lewis

He impressed them.

As he hovered nearby, the three young ladies ate him with their eyes. His smile shined as he spoke to his friends happily. The ladies knew he had intellect, now they wanted to study his anatomy. They watched impatiently from their pool chairs, laughing quietly among themselves. They swatted at each other, playfully, as he began to uncover his skin. As he peeled off his shirt, abs of steel came from their hiding place. His sweat pants removed revealed… his swim trunks, but below them were legs rippling with muscles.

He is perfect, they thought as he dove into the pool and swam away.

Thank God for Spring Break.

(C) 2011

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