Flashback: A Slave to Her

Time for a Flashback to one of my favorite stories that I have had published in a literary magazine! I have some other favorites but they are in For This Cause Writes Unite which is for sale on Amazon.

Anywho! This story is listed in my Publications link but I wanted to give it a little shine here. :)

Published June 30th, 2011 by The Scarlet Sound

A Slave to Her

by Tiffany Christina Lewis

Every day I serve her coffee. I am a slave to her 25 minute lunch break. I bring her a cup of coffee and a vegetarian sandwich in 5 minutes. 10 minutes, later, a refill to her coffee. 5 minutes after that, she wipes her mouth and stands to approach my counter and pay for her meal. I anxiously await her. She smiles politely and leaves a tip. Her generosity is much appreciated, as usual. I watch her leave. Her beauty captures me as she seems to walk aimlessly, graceful as a dove, heading back to work. She is my 11:35 angel.

I have not seen my angel in days. I am a slave to her absence. In 5 minutes I serve someone who is not her. 10 minutes later, I miss her. 5 minutes after that, I can see her in my mind. Her cute short hair cut, big brown eyes, button nose and puffy sweet lips. I feel empty. Where is my 11:35 angel?

Today, she returns. I am a slave to her presence. I bring her coffee and sandwich in 5 minutes. 10 minutes later my courage rises. “Long time, no see,” I stutter. She replied with a smile and a short explanation. I assured her that we would always be here when she needed coffee and a sandwich. 5 minutes after that she extended her hand to me, “I’m Gia,” she said, “Todd, nice to meet you.” I said. “I feel like I’ve known you forever.” she said with a shy grin. I feel the same way. My 11:35 angel knows my heart.

Every day I serve Gia coffee. I am a slave to her conversation. In 5 minutes I bring her the usual as she sits at the coffee bar near me. We chatter away for 10 minutes. She rushes to finish her sandwich in 5 minutes. We often use up her whole lunch break with our idle conversation. I pay for her lunch today and she repays me in smiles for weeks to come. My time with her is cherished greatly and one day I will be brave enough to invite her out for a meal that I am not serving. Until that day I enjoy what I have with my 11:35 angel.

Thank you for reading.

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