2020 Completed Books

Hey! I decided for the first time in my life to keep a “journal” of all the books I finish this year. This includes books I re-read, Audiobooks, paperback and Kindle. They are listed in no particular order. Books Read Count: 14! A = Audiobook, R = Re-read, K = Kindle, P = Paperback 2020: […]

The Scary Genre: UPDATE

I am so excited to write my Romance story now. After talking to a few friends, checking out a few books and doing some research, I am very happy with my outline and I am so ready to get started! I decided to challenge myself, and here I am actually giddy to write the story. […]

The Scary Genre: Romance

It’s time to talk about it. At first, I thought I was scared to write horror. Everything else was like, eh, I could do that, with some practice and research of course, but Horror? No way I can be scary. Then I wrote the cutest little horror story for my short story collection and… I […]

Pre-Order El Jefe NOW

I’m so excited to announce that my book El Jefe, the third installation in the Michael Taylor series, is available for Pre-Order now! This series has been growing since 2014 and I am incredibly proud of what I am offering you guys in this third book. Detective Michael Taylor of the Oakland PD has a […]

TBR (To be read)…

I spent all last year, finishing SIX manuscripts. Crazy, I know, but I did almost NO reading last year that didn’t involve Audiobooks. This still counts as reading but many Indie Authors don’t release their books on audio early in their careers, so I was missing out on supporting them and reading some untapped talent. […]

2020 will be…

Epic! I’m planning so much and I’m starting by planning to NOT DO THINGS. Here is my list, and I shall explain. I am closing my Etsy shop. I am minimizing my house. I am focusing on writing. I am opening a publishing imprint. First, I’m closing my Etsy Shop. After January 7th, this link […]

Stakes (should be) high

I have been trying to write my Crime Fiction novel Completion, since May. Here is a little reminder of what this story is about… Completion is a novel about a series of ritualistic murders. 3 women at a time are being murdered, gutted and displayed around San Francisco‚Äôs business and tourist district. Dr. Ali Marshall is […]

Interview and latest news

An excellent friend and an amazing author in his own right, Joseph Samaniego interviewed me this week! Joseph is a sensational world builder. His Fantasy titles were some of the first I explored in the genre and he did not disappoint. Check out his titles here. In my interview I dished on my history as […]