2020 Completed Books

Hey! I decided for the first time in my life to keep a “journal” of all the books I finish this year. This includes books I re-read, Audiobooks, paperback and Kindle. They are listed in no particular order. Books Read Count: 73! A = Audiobook, R = Re-read, K = Kindle, P = Paperback 2020: […]

Too Anxious to Rest

Anyone else have #anxiety attacks from being lazy? I work best when I’m going going going but when it’s time for me to take a break I’m always anxious that I need to be working on something. I need those lazy days for sure. It’s a proven fact that humans are not robots and cannot […]

Book Review: Roxanne

I loved this book. I read it a long time ago after meeting the author and I was immediately impressed. The dual storyline is flawlessly executed and the characters are very realistic. I related to their struggles and joys completely. I can’t say a whole lot about the story because it is a very quick […]

Reviewing Books!

Hey Authors and Writers! As you can see, I’m reviewing books now! I am going to start offering review services for indie and self pub authors, and by services I mean I will read your book and post a review on my blog! lol. I also post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. AND I’ll share […]

Book Review: A Surplus of Light

Chase Connor has written one of the most touching romances I’ve read in so long. Romance is not my favorite genre by any stretch of the imagination so I was very intrigued by the book but I wasn’t expecting anything amazing. Well, was I wrong. I absolutely loved the characters, ALL OF THEM. This is […]

An Update from Tiff

Peeps! There has been SO much going on with me. Thought I’d drop an update. Writing: Total Manuscripts complete as of September 2020 – TEN (10) Holy shit, yes. I been a busy lady. Lot’s of ideas coming, lots of time to write, due to the pandemic and all, and lots of inspiration from the […]

Do you wanna sell books?

Not really. Some of you don’t really want to. You say you do, but you don’t. Tiffany, you can’t tell me what I want. I want to be a successful self published author. I want to sell enough books to quit my day job. – Disgruntled author who’s mad at me for presuming Well, why […]

Book Review: Heroes of the Carolyngian Age

I have read many of Joseph’s books and this one was a super fun adventure. You don’t have to read his books in order to get into these short stories and really enjoy them. They are an excellent intro to the worlds in his many novels. My favorite thing about Joseph’s work is his delicate […]